Guitarra Flamenca Mentorship Program 2024 by Atlantic Flamenco

Guitarra Flamenca Mentorship Program 2024 by Atlantic Flamenco

Canada’s first free flamenco guitar mentorship program aims to nurture and develop Nova Scotia’s flamenco talent and provide accessible, high-quality artistic education through direct engagement with esteemed artists and educators.

Supported by Arts Nova Scotia, this mentorship program will teach the art of Flamenco in fields such as guitar, dance, singing and rhythm.

The program will be hosted in Halifax by emerging talents and established professionals and includes weekly practices and classes. In addition, jam sessions will be available to showcase skills and connect with the flamenco community.

Who can apply?

Aspiring flamencos (16-30 years old) with basic guitar skills, flamenco apprentices (16-40 years old) with intermediate guitar skills, and advanced/professional guitarists of all ages.


The program will be hosted in Halifax’s North End, primarily at Aurora North End Commons on 5666 Sebastian Street, Halifax and at the Cafe Cempoal de la Calavera Negra, 2372 Agricola Street, about 2 blocks from the Halifax Commons, offering ideal settings for our activities. It also involves online guitar lessons via Zoom.

Mentorship Team

Artistic Director Maria Osende leads a team of distinguished mentors: Kaveh Nassehi, a renowned flamenco guitarist and educator; and flamenco singer Joyce Saunders. Together, along with support staff such as percussionist Chris Cookson, singer Lisa Myers and local flamenco dancers, they underscore flamenco’s collaborative and improvisational spirit, which is essential in a communal art form like flamenco.

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  • Halifax


Wednesday, February 28, 2024




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Aurora North End Commons, 5666 Sebastian St, Halifax, NS B3K 2K7, Canadá

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