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Presentation of the Association of Spanish Scientists in Canada

Ottawa, December 5, 2022. On December 10, at 12:00 p.m., the presentation of the Association of Spanish Scientists in Canada (ACERCA, CASSA) will take place at Fields Institute of the University of Toronto. Dozens of highly qualified Spanish scientists work in Canadian science entities and build up daily, with their talent and effort, bridges that unite Spain and Canada in the field of innovation, technology and science. We are certainly two leading countries in the world of science.

The Association of Spanish Scientists, which has four territorial chapters (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa), was created with the following purposes:

  • Serve as a professional network for Spanish scientists, researchers and managers of research funds residing in Canada.
  • Facilitate the establishment and the personal and professional integration of Spanish scientists, researchers and managers of research funds in Canada.
  • Promote professional relations between members of the Spanish and Canadian scientific communities and the institutions involved.
  • Promote communication between foundations, universities, research centers and similar institutions in Spain and Canada, as well as to foster the connection and integration of Spanish research and science in Canada with the Spanish and Canadian business world.
  • To make Spanish society and institutions aware of the importance of the R+D+I system for the development of Spain and promote the Canadian model of knowledge and science in Spain.

The presentation event taking place in Toronto, which is open to the general public, is extremely attractive and is based on the following program:

  • Welcoming remarks by the Director of the Fields Institute, Professor Kumar Murty.
  • Presentation by Professor Luis Seco, President of the Association of Spanish Scientists in Canada and Professor of Financial Mathematics at the University of Toronto.
  • Video about science in Spain and a brief greeting from the President of RAICEX, Mrs. Eva Ortega.
  • Panel on Artificial Intelligence with the following participants: Mr. Geoffrey Hinton, Princess of Asturias Prize for Scientific and Technical Research 2022 and worldwide specialist in “deep learning” and artificial neural networks; Mrs. Raquel Urtasun, researcher and businesswoman. Specialitst in the application of AI for transportation; Mr. Marcos López de Prado, professor specialized in the application of AI to the world of finance.
  • After that, a video with messages from the Director of the AECID, Mr. Antón Leis, and the General Secretary for Research of Spain, Ms. Raquel Yotti, will be screened.
  • Closing remarks by the Ambassador of Spain to Canada.
  • Afterwards, a reception will be offered with Spanish products.

The four territorial chapters of the Association of Spanish Scientists in Canada will be represented at the event by Mr. Luis Seco (Toronto), Ms. Mónica Ruiz-Casares (Montreal), Mr. Roger Caballero (Vancouver) and Mr. Fernando Ortiz (Ottawa). All of them are an example of the importance, the roots and the outstanding impact of the group of Spanish scientists in Canada.