Okuda San Miguel in Toronto

Okuda San Miguel in Toronto

Spain’s Okuda San Miguel, one of the world’s most celebrated street artist, presents a solo exhibition including new artwork at #Hashtag Gallery in July, and creates a mural entitled “Equilibrium” over the summer.

Okuda San Miguel has gained worldwide recognition over the past few years for creating large scale mural projects all over the world, including a large church in Spain turned into a skate park.

The geometric structures and multi-colored prints are joined with gray bodies and organic forms in artistic pieces that could be classified as Pop Surrealism with a clear essence of the street. His works often raise contradictions about existentialism, the universe, the infinite, the meaning of life, the false freedom of capitalism, and show a clear conflict between modernity and our roots –in short, between the human being and himself.

In his work, multicolored geometric architectures merge with organic forms, bodies without identity, animals without heads, a multitude of opposing symbols that incite reflection –a unique and very special iconographic language. His works can be seen in streets and galleries around the world: in India, Mali, Mozambique, the United States, Japan, Chile, Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Mexico and the entire European continent.

Where Okuda San Miguel appears, a portal to different world opens. His psychedelic colors, skulls, geometric patterns, they produce mental stimulation and visually pleasing content. His vibrant jungle of colors found its place on walls, paintings, photographs.

—Nina K, Widewalls

San Miguel’s art is defined by multicolored geometric structures and patterns, rainbow architecture and organic shapes that often play with the concept of identity and anonymity […] the pervasive theme in the artist’s work can be found from his travels worldwide. The artist noted that not only is Spain a country of many cultures, but that he also draws inspiration from places like South America, Asia and Africa. San Miguel still travels the world to paint.

—Rae Bathgate, 303 Magazine

MURAL: Equilibrium

Over the summer of 2018, Okuda will create a new landmark mural entitled Equilibrium in Toronto, inspired by the community and commissioned especially for the Parkside Student Residence 23 storey easterly wall. This new work will animate the bustling Carlton and Jarvis intersection, and be visible from the surrounding neighbourhood. Its design has been developed in consultation with various community stakeholder groups, including the Parkside’s student community and representatives from various local groups.

Equilibrium will offer paid employment for local and emerging artists, capacity building opportunities for students, as well as cultural programming for the wider public, including an exhibition in partnership with #Hashtag Gallery and a celebratory event planned for September 2018.

STEPS has partnered with the City of Toronto’s StreetARToronto (StART) program alongside Parkside Student Residence property owner Knightstone Capital Management and the project partners listed below to bring vibrancy to the streetscape of Jarvis and Carlton. StART is a program that develops, supports, promotes awareness of street art and its role in adding beauty and character to neighbourhoods across Toronto.

Solo exhibition: Horses & Muses

In conjunction with the STEPS mural being painted this July, Okuda has created a new collection of work for a solo exhibition with #Hashtag Gallery. The exhibition will run July 7–29, with the artist in attendance at the opening reception on July 7th.

Opened in 2012 in Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood, the gallery has been committed to showcasing thought-provoking works in Toronto.

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    Sun, July 29, 2018

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HashTag Gallery, 830 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M6J 1V3



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Organized by Hashtag Gallery in conjuction with STEPS, which has partnered with the City of Toronto’s StreetARToronto (StART Program)