The Electronic Biographical Dictionary (DB~e)

The Electronic Biographical Dictionary (DB~e)

Dr. Jaime Olmedo, Technical Director of the Royal Academy of History, presents this digital resource created to access the largest database of content about historical figures from Spain and other territories that once formed part of the Spanish Administration.

The electronic edition of the Diccionario Biográfico (DB~e) allows the spread, through the web, of biographical information corresponding to more than 50,000 relevant figures of Hispanic history –many of them biographed for the first time– from the seventh century BC until today, belonging to all occupations, areas and fields of study, as well as all the territories that, along with the Iberian Peninsula, were part of the Spanish Administration: either overseas (the American viceroyalty, North America, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philippines…) or trans-Pyrenean (the Netherlands, the Franche-Comté, the Duchy of Milan…)

This vast amount of historical information about the Hispanic world is made available for the first time, both electronically and available anywhere. The full content, integrated by more than 60,000 pages of text, is accessible in its entirety and for free online.

About Jaime Olmedo

Jaime Olmedo, Ph.D., serves as the Vice President of the Fundación Duques de Soria and also teaches Spanish Literature and History at the Complutense University of Madrid. He previously served in the Academic Department of the Cervantes Institute (1998-2002) and in the Royal Spanish Academy (2000-2002) in Madrid.

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