Me, myself and my dead wife at the 2019 European Union Film Festival in Ottawa

Me, myself and my dead wife at the 2019 European Union Film Festival in Ottawa

Directed by Santi Amodeo, “Yo, mi mujer y mi mujer muerta” represents Spain at the 2019 edition of the EUFF in Ottawa.

Me, myself and my dead wife

  • Original title: Yo, mi mujer y mi mujer muerta.
  • Directed by Santi Amodeo, 2019, 87 minutes.
  • In Spanish with English subtitles. Watch trailer.
  • Best Actor for Oscar Martínez at the Malaga Spanish Film Festival.

Bernardo, an old-fashioned professor at the University of Buenos Aires with strong convictions, has just buried his wife. Although they have been married for more than 30 years, he refuses her last wish: to have her ashes thrown into the sea on the Costa del Sol. According to him, it was nothing but last-minute alienation. But when days later the grave of his deceased wife is desecrated, he is forced to change his mind and start a trip to Spain full of surprises that will change his life forever.

About EUFF Ottawa

The official European Union Film Festival (EUFF) strives to reflect the excellence, innovation, and diversity of European cinema in Ottawa. Founded in 1984 as a salve to Hollywood monotony, this free festival showcases 28 contemporary films drawn from each of the E.U.’s member countries. EUFF brings together disparate E.U. Consulates and local cultural institutes for collaboration.

  • Film
  • Ottawa
  • Sat, November 23, 2019
  • 8:30 pm

3 years ago


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Ottawa Art Gallery, 10 Daly Ave, Ottawa, ON K1N 9M7

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