Human Rights Short Film Showcase

Human Rights Short Film Showcase

Join us for this free online human rights showcase of some of the short films that were screened at the Human Rights Film Festivals in Madrid and Barcelona.


  • Directed by Pedro Herrero García, Spain, 8 minutes.
  • Two old friends meet after some time, but reuniting them will not be what either of them expected.

El vuelo de Michael

  • Directed by Jesús de Frutos Ayuso, Spain, 19 minutes.
  • Michael is the only one commander of “earthfly” of the world, photographer on PhotoEspaña 2018, builder of gentle constructions with toothpicks, musical composer and director of the sport program The Pichichi of Radio Terrícola. This is the history of a disabled person, sensitive, creativly, with great sense of humour and a exceptionally person that shows us that we all can be the best in something.

¿Bailas, papá?

  • Directed by Miguel Monteagudo, Spain, 26 minutes.
  • Joaquín is a Parkinson’s sufferer who, thanks to his daughter Sara, will discover that swing dancing can improve his quality of life. But the disease will not make it easy for him.


  • Directed by Laura de Miguel, Spain, 20 minutes.
  • This film is a window into the life of Moses. Through his eyes we will look at his present and into his future, which is just as uncertain as anyone else’s.


  • Directed by Alberto Velasco, Spain, 12 minutes.
  • Aitana sees how her traditional neighborhood in the center of Madrid is changing, ceasing to be a quiet environment for her family. Many people alter her reigning peace, especially Candela, her concierge, and everything that she represents. Shee will never imagine that she, the reason for his irrational hatred, would be the exit door to the most unexpected coincidence.

Block 24

  • Directed by Fernando Pozo, Spain, 13 minutes.
  • Writer Alba Durán prepares a new novel. Matías survives the ghosts of his family past as best he can. A call, a conversation…

Todo bien

  • Directed by Willy Suárez, Spain, 5 minutes.
  • Ada has to go home alone after partying.
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    Thu, December 10, 2020

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