Rubén Martín de Lucas at the 2020 edition of Festival Art Souterrain

Rubén Martín de Lucas at the 2020 edition of Festival Art Souterrain

The Spanish artist participates in the 12th edition of this underground festival in Montreal, which focuses this year on the theme “RESET: Fresh start.”

Rubén Martín de Lucas graduated as a Civil Engineer from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in 2002. After backpacking 4 months through, he decided to put engineering aside to devote himself completely to art. He is one of the 5 founders of Boa Mistura, a multidisciplinary artistic collective with roots in urban art. In 2015 he starts his solo career.

All my work is developed through series or projects. These projects are linked by a line of discourse which questions the way we relate with the territory, with the landscape and with the rest of beings with whom we share the earth.

—Rubén Martín de Lucas

About the Festival

The Festival Art Souterrain highlights the actors of the contemporary art world, the artists, as well as the architecture and cultural heritage of the underground city of Montreal by bringing them together around a unique event in North America.

To achieve its goals, Art Souterrain relies on a model which consists in removing art from traditional exhibition places to bring it to meet individuals. By investing in unconventional places, the organization wants to surprise everyone in their daily lives and thus provoke a new kind of interaction.

The Festival Art Souterrain, in collaboration with Échappe-toi, invites festival-goers to take part in a giant escape game taking place over 5 km of the Montreal underground network, in order to discover the works in a fun and unusual way. Entitled Journey to the Center of the Earth: The Forgotten City, this in situ experience was especially designed for the festival to echo this year’s theme, RESET: New start. Participants in the escape game will have to answer puzzles, meet different characters and discover clues that will allow them to escape with the treasure of the forgotten city.

  • Urban Culture
  • Montreal
  • Sat, February 29 —
    Sun, March 22, 2020

4 years ago


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Various venues, Montreal

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Organized by Festival Art Souterrain with the collaboration of SPAIN arts & culture. Photo by Rubén Martín de Lucas