Axel Void at MURAL Festival

Axel Void at MURAL Festival

The Spanish urban artist will participate at MURAL International Public Art Festival.

Alejandro Hugo Dorda Meys, a.k.a. Axel Void is a Spain native, now based in Miami, strongly influenced by classical painting and drawing. Merging mural art, graffiti, oil and acrylic paint, this multi-talented artist gives birth to consistently shocking, uncomfortable and often dark pieces. His signature style proposes striking and ironic messages in an everyday life context.

About MURAL festival

MURAL festival is one of the most important North-American destination for urban art. Located in the heart of Saint-Laurent boulevard, MURAL’s mission is to democratize urban art. The program offers the public the opportunity to witness the making of murals in real time, attend exclusive musical events and unique seminars and enjoy outdoors exhibitions and installations, all of it in the streets during the 11 days of the festival.

  • Urban Culture
  • Montreal
  • Thu, June 04 —
    Sun, June 14, 2015

9 years ago


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Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal

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