Children's Film Fridays

Children's Film Fridays

SPAIN arts & culture, Cervantes Institute and University of Calgary present the first Children’s Film Festival.


  • On Friday, May 6 at 5 pm.
  • By Josep Pozo, 2007, 86 minutes.

The film begins with a narration of the story as told by Cervantes, but the narrator is interrupted by the donkey Rucio who insists on telling the “true” story of the adventure: Don Quixote was not crazy, but in fact an intelligent and passionate person. In Rucio’s re-telling of his adventure with Don Quixote and his squire, Sancho Panza, we learn that Rucio wishes he were Quixote’s horse, and that that the horse, Rocinante hates leaving his stable. As it develops, Dulcinea has a difficult time choosing between the knight and his wealthy sidekick. The rivalry between Quixote and Panza leads the two on a journey across Spain to Barcelona as they both vie for the beautiful woman’s affections. To defend his honor among the imposters, the real Quixote must duel and win against the Knight of the Moon in order to learn the true identity of Dulcinea.

The Happets in the Rainbow Forest

  • On Friday, May 13 at 5 pm.
  • By Álex Colls, 2014, 75 minutes.
  • Original title: La tropa de trapo en la selva de arcoiris.

The Happets feel the need to help other animals who are having a lot of trouble surviving, so they decide to go on a mission of solidarity that will take them to Rainbow Forest. There they will find a whole biodiversity in the form of Colourettes and Shadows and a dying Rainbow struggling for breath. The Happets are horrified because not only are the Colourettes in danger of death, so is the Rainbow, which is a symbol for them. Once again they’ll have to muster all their ingenuity, knowledge and team work to save the symbol of dreams and games.

Snowflake, The White Gorilla

  • On Friday, May 27 at 5 pm.
  • By Andrés G. Schaer, 2011, 90 minutes
  • Original title: Floquet de Neu (Copito de nieve)

Snowflake is special-she’s the only white gorilla in the world, and the zoo’s main attraction. Children love her, but the other gorillas-Petunia, Elvis and Anvil don’t because she’s different. With the help of an eccentric red panda named Jenga. Snowflake plans a secret mission to sneak out of the zoo and venture into the dangerous city to find the witch at the circus who can help her become a “normal” gorilla. Will Snowflake find the cure she’s looking for, or realize that there’s something more important than fitting in-being true to yourself?

Tad, The Lost Explorer

  • On Friday, June 10 at 5 pm.
  • By Enrique Gato, 2012, 90 minutes.
  • Original title: Las Aventuras de Tadeo Jones.

Tad is a bored construction worker dreaming of a life of adventure until one day he is mistaken for a famous archeologist and that dream comes true. Whisked to Peru holding a sacred key, Tad helps Professor lavrof and his beautiful daughter Sara as they race against evil treasure hunters in search of the Lost City of Paititi.

The Missing Lynx

  • On Friday, June 17 at 5 pm.
  • By Raúl García, Manuel Sicilia, 2008, 97 minutes.
  • Original title: El Línce Perdido.

Felix, the protagonist, is a lynx who believes his bad luck is the cause of the endangerment of its species. After passing through several collection centers animal his arrival at Acebuche (Doñana National Park), will bring great surprises. Strange animal disappearances are taking place in the area. A scary hunter stalks. An eccentric millionaire has a secret plan and Felix and his friends will have to join efforts to survive and end the mystery.

All movies will be screened in Spanish with English subtitles.

  • Kids
  • Calgary
  • Fri, May 06 —
    Fri, June 17, 2016

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Venue map

University of Calgary, CHE 212 (Craigie Hall), Calgary, AB T2N 1N4


Free entrance


Organized by SPAIN arts & culture, Cervantes Ïnstitute and University of Calgary