Focus on Spain at FIFEM 2022

Focus on Spain at FIFEM 2022

Discover 10 Spanish 10 short films at the 2022 edition of the “Festival International du Film por Enfants de Montréal” (FIFEM).

Spring always comes back

  • Directed by Alicia Núñez Puerto, 11 minutes, animation, 2021.
  • Original title: La Primavera Siempre Vuelve.
  • This is the story of Grandma Margara and her four grandchildren – the story of those who left and, above all, of those who stayed.

Packing a wave

  • Directed by Edu Glez, 8 minutes, animation, 2021.
  • A shipwrecked girl arrives unconscious to an apparently paradisiacal desert island. After waking up she explores the island and discovers that it is a landfill.


  • Directed by Carmen Córdoba, 9 minutes, animation, 2020.
  • For 15 years, Roberto has been in love with his neighbor, but she no longer leaves her house because she is ashamed of her body. Using his artistic gift and an old clothesline as his only form of communication, Roberto hatches a plan to make his beloved confront her demons once and for all.

The Great Milestone

  • Directed by Ignasi Lopez Fabregas, 12 minutes, animation, 2020.
  • Original title: El gran hito.
  • An ambitious mountaineer attempts to climb an impossible mountain. A woman sets out to tackle a more modest one. Both of them will do their utmost to succeed, although the outcomes will be very different.

The Extraordinary Story of Bruna

  • Directed by Marc Riba and Anna solanas, 7 minutes, animation, 2021.
  • Official competition.
  • One night a strong wind takes Bruna far away from home.

Bulit listens to nature

  • Directed by Mikel Urmeneta and Juanjo Elordi, 9 minutes, animation, 2021.
  • Original title: Bulit escucha a la Naturaleza.
  • Bulit, an 8-year-old boy with ASD (autism spectrum disorder), discovers that nature can communicate with him. Three daisies ask him for help because a storm is coming that could devastate the town and its surroundings. No one pays attention to Bulit’s warnings except his friends. Together they make a plan and, thanks to Bulit’s gift, they find a solution.

Life and butterflies

  • Directed by Pablo Reigada Ocaña, 5 minutes, animation, 2021.
  • Life & Butterflies is a metaphor for life. A child plays with his ball until a butterfly catches his attention. As he follows it, he learns that time flies and that there is no way to stop it since he can’t help but grow as he follows the butterfly.


  • Directed by Roberto Valle, 9 minutes, animation, 2021.
  • Original title: Nacer.
  • Spain, 1994. Carlos is a little boy who has just received some amazing news: his mother is pregnant with a baby boy… Over the next few months his whole world will be change… and when his little brother is finally born, Carlos is faced with emotions that he has never experienced before.


  • Directed by Anna Juesas García and Germán Chazarra Moreno, 4 minutes, animation, 2021. Watch trailer.
  • In Oddity, a quirky and ramshackle circus, Tom shows up for the casting of his life. He’s determined to be the next pianist, but Irene and Irina won’t make it easy for him. Ladies and gentlemen, let the show begin!

El sueno de Quino

  • Directed by Santiago Erlich, 8 minutes, animation, 2021. Watch trailer.
  • The arrival of a first child reveals the difficulty of bridging the gap between love and acceptance of each other’s differences.
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  • Sat, February 26 —
    Sun, March 06, 2022

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Image: Spring always comes back by Alicia Núñez Puerto.