Laura Freixas in Toronto

Laura Freixas in Toronto

SPAIN arts & culture and Glendon college, York University, present two lectures by Laura Freixas.

Intimacy: A missing dimension in Spanish literature?
How come so few Spanish writers —unlike their French colleagues— have written or published a journal? Why is it that the journal, as a literary genre, appears in Spain so late —well into the XXth century— and why its authors are almost always either Catalan, or exiles, or people extremely well acquainted with French or English literature?
Laura Freixas, who directed an issue of Revista de Occidente devoted to the diaries and journals in Spain, and who has edited and translated journals by Amiel, Virginia Woolf and André Gide, explains in this lecture what, in her opinion, is intimacy, and why the Spanish culture seems to be so reluctant to it.
Is literature hermaphrodite? Or how I set out to be a writer but became a woman writer
When a female writer publishes her first book, she probably does not consider herself as a woman writer, nor does she have a deliberate intention of writing works that can be in any way described as “feminine.” However, the reception of her books from both the critics and the readers, and the reflection of herself offered by the mirror of the media, will soon make her realize that whatever her intentions, she is seen as a woman writer who writes women’s literature. Is there any truth in that? What is the meaning that readers, media and critics give to those terms, and what is the meaning that women writers themselves can give to them?
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  • Toronto
  • Oct 16, 2013Oct 17, 2013


York University - Glendon Campus, 2275 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4N 3M6

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Organized by the Embassy of Spain in Ottawa and Glendon College, York University.